Prospek Specs :)

I randomly tripped over the advert for these filtering spec’s on Amazon, about six months ago. Prospek glasses are blue light-filtering glasses. They filter the harmful high-energy blue light from penetrating your eyes. Blue light is omitted from your computer, phone, or tablet screen.

The Prospek lenses block over 50% of this harmful blue light and in doing so they have helped me with eye fatigue and dry eyes. The lenses have also been proven to help with sleep.

When they promptly arrived I was a little unsure, they were perfectly packed with a great case and cleaning cloth, but once I put them on they fit like a dream, and I missed them when I took them off!

After six months they are something that I can’t live without. I find that iI, only a little bit…..prefer them to my £600+ pair of glasses from the opticians (which are very weak lenses for eye strain that is brought on by using a computer).

Prospek Glasses
Easy on and easy off 🙂

Want more? The full range is are availible in the UK via (note that I wasn’t paid for this review, nor recieved the items for free!) 🙂

The 1 thing you should do in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Sit by the river……. There it is, no need to read on if you are one of those with just haven’t got the time 🙂

On a serious note taking 30 minutes out of your day trip, shopping trip, or errands run to just sit. You can sit and people watch, (or boat watch). A popular place for both people, craft, and groups of geese and swans to take a well needed break. This point is where the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal links to the Avon through and on through a lock basin called the Bandcroft Basin.

The park sits in front of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in the central part of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Narrowboat on the River Avon with the RSC in the background.
The River Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon. The RSC in the background and Narrowboat Ebony moored up.

In a time where so much focus if given to spending money and staring at a screens (excluding reading my blog of course 😉 ), just 30 minutes of your day spent sitting with your feel in the ground, no distractions really makes things feel that little bit better.

Narrowboats on the River Avon, Stratford upon Avon.
On the approach to Stratford-upon-Avon with the River Avon to your left and the butterfly park up to your right.

Sitting facing the Narrowboats in the Bancroft Basin it’s calm and peaceful, especially first thing in the morning, or late in the evening. That time when the tourists and shoppers have eased off. It is quite hard to believe that once this area was a hustling centre of industry. In fact the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal was built as part of a network of canals to take coal from the Midlands area right into the centre of London. The Bancroft Basin is a really popular spot for gongoozling (definition of gongoozling: the activity of watching boats and their activities on canals). With the bridge that has been added in recent years gives a perfect vantage point to spend sometime watching the boats rise and fall through the locks.

Narrowboat Warwick in the Bancroft Basin, Stratfor Upon Avon
Narrowboat Warwick in the Bandcroft Basin in Stratford-upon-Avon.

All in all, a morning or afternoon is basic, simple, and most of all free! Find out more via the CRT website. The CRT is the Canal and River Trust, they manage the majority of the canals in the UK. They have a great map that can be found by clicking here – CRT Map of Stratford-upon-Avon

Red Sky At Night Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters…

A Twitter challenge applied to a blog…….Well, that could that even be possible….here goes.

A red sky (in the morning or the evening) is a result of high pressured air in the atmosphere trapping a range of dust particles.

But really, a red sky in the morning, or a red sky at night. (That period of time in the morning or evening with the deep reds and pink sky), is made up as a result of high pressure air in the earth’s atmosphere trapping a range of dust particles. The range of air molecules scatter the much shorter blue wavelengths of the suns light, but particles of dusts and other matter will scatter the longer red wavelengths of the suns light in a process known as Rayleigh scattering.

Orange, yellow and red. Perfect sky.

At sunrise and at sunset, the sun is lower in the sky. This then causes the sunlight to travel through more of the atmosphere so therefore scattering more light across the horizon. The red sky at night/red sky in the morning is an effect that is further enhanced when there are high level clouds that will then reflect this light back down to the ground.

A view from Charingworth.

An interesting addition to the above – in French you would say “Ciel rouge le soir laisse bon espoir, Ciel rouge le matin, pluie en chemin.” which is a proverb that translates to “Red sky at night hope in sight; red sky in the morning rain is coming”.

Colourise this!

After being given some old photos of Mr Bridges, Ebrington. With images all taken in the late 1890’s. All the original photos were in black and white.


Mr Bridges Snr. Ebrington, Three Oaks

Using a website called within minutes the black and white photos are brought to life.

Mr Bridges Colour

Mr Bridges Snr. Ebrington, Three Oaks

Mr Bridges had a son who features in this image beelow with fellow residents at Ebrington Village Fete.


Mr Bridges, Jnr. Ebrington Fete

Simply using within a minute or two the colourised version was ready!


Mr Bridges, Jnr. Ebrington Fete as per its website description is a is “a deep learning colouriser prototype specifically for old Singaporean photos.” It works really well, really simple and give an option to have a slider to show you the before and after.

Which subjects make a good blog great?

With so many important subject that are affecting the world… how do you make your voice stand out? One expression that came to mind again and again is “fresh water running through salt water”.

I think that expression is something that means people should be cutting though the noise and chatter and looking forward. We really need to be creating a voice that means something.

But then I ask what is my blast of fresh water going to be like?

What do Vegans eat….

This has to be the most asked question I have. (I know Regan the Vegan has “Where do you get you protein from?”….but for me it has to be “What do you eat?” It’s one of those question’s that really excites me. Being 100% Vegan is difficult at times, but the majority of my time buying, cooking or ordering the Vegan alternatives are super simple.

My answer to this question simply is “Everything! Everything that is free from ANY animal product!”

My top tip always is to find a restaurant that suits your diet*. Find somewhere that caters for you and what you like to eat. Having a restaurant that suits your individual, specific diet, be it Vegan, Gluten Free or Vegetarian will always open you mind to new flavours and new ideas! Wagamama has been for me far the best place I have eaten at. The team at Leamington took their time to explain what they do an how they do it.

*but don’t discount that some of the best meals can be taken on the go….or even made in a few minutes at home! 🙂