Prospek Specs :)

I randomly tripped over the advert for these filtering spec’s on Amazon, about six months ago. Prospek glasses are blue light-filtering glasses. They filter the harmful high-energy blue light from penetrating your eyes. Blue light is omitted from your computer, phone, or tablet screen.

The Prospek lenses block over 50% of this harmful blue light and in doing so they have helped me with eye fatigue and dry eyes. The lenses have also been proven to help with sleep.

When they promptly arrived I was a little unsure, they were perfectly packed with a great case and cleaning cloth, but once I put them on they fit like a dream, and I missed them when I took them off!

After six months they are something that I can’t live without. I find that iI, only a little bit…..prefer them to my £600+ pair of glasses from the opticians (which are very weak lenses for eye strain that is brought on by using a computer).

Prospek Glasses
Easy on and easy off 🙂

Want more? The full range is are availible in the UK via (note that I wasn’t paid for this review, nor recieved the items for free!) 🙂