What do Vegans eat….

This has to be the most asked question I have. (I know Regan the Vegan has “Where do you get you protein from?”….but for me it has to be “What do you eat?” It’s one of those question’s that really excites me. Being 100% Vegan is difficult at times, but the majority of my time buying, cooking or ordering the Vegan alternatives are super simple.

My answer to this question simply is “Everything! Everything that is free from ANY animal product!”

My top tip always is to find a restaurant that suits your diet*. Find somewhere that caters for you and what you like to eat. Having a restaurant that suits your individual, specific diet, be it Vegan, Gluten Free or Vegetarian will always open you mind to new flavours and new ideas! Wagamama has been for me far the best place I have eaten at. The team at Leamington took their time to explain what they do an how they do it.

*but don’t discount that some of the best meals can be taken on the go….or even made in a few minutes at home! 🙂